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With a merchant account from Merchant Services payment Access, you can process credit card transactions, debit card transactions, gift card purchases, loyalty card purchases, EBT (electronic benefits transfer) purchases, and electronic check transfers for all kinds of business including all retail business. This means that any way that a customer wants to pay you, you will be able to accept it, no matter what! Giving your customers a way to pay easily, quickly, and securely will raise your profits quickly and efficiently!

Accepting Credit Cards is a Key to Small Business Success

In today’s economy, few people actually carry cash anymore. As a result, credit and debit card processing is incredibly important to a business’ bottom line. Most merchants are using Point of Sale (POS) transactions completed either by debit or credit cards. Customers have multiple payment options, including the option to pay using a credit card, they are more likely to make impulse purchases, join loyalty programs, and spend more per purchase, which will all help a company’s bottom line. By having the option to accept credit card payments, your business is not just making the purchase process easy and secure for your customer, you are making the checkout process efficient and potentially more profitable for your business.

Find out how we could save you money on merchant services.

Lower Your Overall Costs by Switching With Next-Day Funding And Business Cash Advance.
As a dedicated provider in the payment processing industry, Merchant Service Payment Access takes a highly personalized approach to pricing ensuring our merchants receive the best price rates. By taking the time to talk with you about your specific business needs – how you manage payments, fulfill orders and more – we’ll determine your best pricing options in 24hr with no obligation free Quote . With Same day approval, Next day funding and one statement for Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and Amex Card.

At Merchant Service Payment Access, we’re committed to building your knowledge and education about the emerging issues and opportunities in today’s dynamic payment industry. Grow your business today with BUSINESS CASH ADVANCE.


We take the time to speak with the small business owner so we understand their needs and guide them through the process to set up their own merchant account. There are a variety of different hardware choices as well as technologies that provide simple and secure payment options for their customers. We provide straight forward statements with online or mobile access to your account 24hr, so you always know what you are paying for credit card processing. You also receive 24/7 customer support so you can ensure your sales run smoothly any time of day

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