Frequently Asked Questions
1. What if my credit score is not very good and have no business credit?
2. When can I start processing transactions with my customer’s and taking credit cards?
3. How long does it takes to receive my funds form transaction?
4. I’m not sure how to operate my credit card terminal/processing solution?
5. Can I see all my transactions in real time?
6. How can I apply for Business Cash Advance
7. If I already own a credit card terminal, can I still process with your company?
8. Can I access my statement view my account online
9. Who will train me to use my credit card terminal?
10. How do I accept credit card payments over the internet?
11. Can I process business checks on my merchant account with my terminals.
12. How does PCI DSS relate to me?
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Our proprietary Customer Relationship software program puts us in touch with your full account history in just a few clicks. Enjoy the benefits of working with a highly trained staff that are just a phone call away at 1-877-307-7827 or Fax at 1-800-833-9166