Hypercom Optimum L4250

Hypercom Multi-Line Payment Terminal Speed-Of-Solution with Full Functionality.

The Hypercom Optimum L4250 and L5000 Series terminal is the first PCI PED approved multi-lane payment terminal that supply out-of-the-box, plug-and-play secure PIN entry without the need for add-on components. The Optimum L4250 terminal is a high-performance signature capture payment device with a 220×80 pixel 16-grayscale LCD touchscreen that is suited to retail branding. It also features a recessed 13 key keypad with an integrated privacy shield to safeguard consumer data during PIN entry, EMV-approved smart card reader and an optional integrated contactless RF reader that supports cards and key fobs from American Express, MasterCard PayPass and Visa Contactless payment programs. The Hypercom L5000 Series represents the industry’s most comprehensive line of high performance, multi-lane terminals that will connect to any point-of-sale register system within any communications protocol including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The L5000 Series lineup enables multiple in-store use beyond traditional checkout line, including in-aisle product locator, barcode price checking, health insurance card processing at the pharmacy, gift card loading and wedding registry processing at kiosks. It also includes a cradled, cordless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth hand-over device that lets clerks at jewelry, cosmetics and other high value counters to bring the payment device to the customer, thus enabling the employee to stay with the customer throughout the entire sales process.